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About The Rangers of Andúnië

Join us in our public chat channel in the game! You can join by typing /joinchannel rangersofandunie, then type in it by using /userchat1 (or 2-4 if you already are in other channels). Make sure it's on in your filters!

We are a Moderate-Heavy Role-Play kinship on the Landroval server in "Lord of the Rings Online". Feel free to explore our site and if interested in applying, head over to the "Apply to The Rangers of Andúnië" section of our forums for more information! Mae govannen, mellonin...


"Rangers, you will continue in allegiance with free-men and with my people... You will be tied to no boundaries of land or stewardship... With all your wits, all your strength, and all your courage you will strike at the heart of evil in ways others before you could not.

You will fear no darkness and cling to no orthodoxy, doing what must be done to see the enemy fall... You will forego the trappings of your noble roots to carry on the legacy of The Faithful, to see the Dark Tower broken and the Heir of Isilduir returned to his throne, as well as the free peoples united. The servants of shadow will tremble at hearing the name of their old foe, the name of the place of righteous defiance, spoken again... I name you The Rangers of Andúnië... Rise."

- Lord Elrond

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The Dúnedain Rangers can trace their roots back to the Second Age of Arda, when the Valar gifted the Edain, men who fought alongside the Elves to defeat Morgoth, with the island realm of Númenor. Their first king was Elros, son of Eärendil (a descendent Beren and Luthien) and brother to Elrond, who chose to live as man. The Edain were held in high esteem by The Valar, but the stewards of Arda could not alter man's fate to die, as only the Creator, Illuvatar, knew the fate of men after passing. However, The Valar did gift the Númenoreans with exceeding long life, as well as other attributes beyond those of their kin. They were known in appearance as a tall and strong people with dark hair and grey eyes, exceeding in wisdom, craft, and mastery of the seas...

Unfortunately, the hearts of the kings of Númenor were eventually corrupted by desire for domination, puppeted by the manipulation of Sauron who they thought to be their prisoner. One by one, the kings of Númenor fell to wicknedness, cruelty, even to worship of Morgoth himself via human sacrifice... They forsook their ties with the Elves, no longer welcoming the gifts of the Valar, and their hearts burned with lust for the immortality that remained out of their reach...

Not all the Númenoreans fell to this evil, however. On the western shore of the island kingdom was the bay of Andúnië. Under the leadership of Amandil, lord of the region, The Faithful was formed... These men resisted the temptation of Sauron, and quietly worked to see the throne returned to a righteous king. Alas, despite efforts to restore the throne to righteous heirs, eventually The Faithful were banished from Andúnië, relocated to the eastern shore.

When the last Númenorean king organized his fleet to sail against Valinor itself, Illuvatar struck down their pride and sent a great wave that destroyed all of Númenor. All but The Faithful, who had waited at ready to sail to Middle Earth when the disaster struck, were wiped out (with the exception of those few warlords who had already been commanding over Middle Earth... Many of these men's descendents would later serve Sauron as The Fallen, Black Numenoreans). As for Sauron himself, his physical form was destroyed and he would never be able to take the fair appearance of man or elf again...

Lead by Elendil, with his sons Isildur and Anarion, The Faithful relocated to Middle Earth and founded the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor...

Many generations later, the Dúnedain have diminished. The line of Gondorian kings has been broken, and the Heirs of Isildur have dwelt in secrecy, leading the remnant of the Men of the West to fight Sauron from the wilds. With their current Chieftain, Aragorn, away to see to Sauron's final destruction, The Rangers of the North (it's central unit known as The Grey Company), lead by Halbarad, fight to protect Eriador from Sauron and Saruman's ever-reaching grasp... until they too are called to fight alongside their king once more.

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The Rangers of Andúnië

The Rangers of Andúnië began as as a different company of the Rangers of the North, a sister kin to the Grey Company founded to unite Dúnedain with free-men and Elves. The name of that company is behind them now, but they were referred to by some as "Greencloaks" or "The Free-Rangers". During their time they performed many mighty deeds to wound their foes, gaining renown among their brethren and the Eldar as fearless warriors, capable of striking at the heart of an enemy with a small unit and unorthodox tactics. Willing to go into the darkest of lairs to challenge the shadow, they remained true to one another, even through seeing tragedy strike or brothers fall.

It was not to last, however... Their unravelling began with investigation into a reported servant of Mordor operating in Bree. Matters were complicated when it was revealed this servant had forsaken his oaths to Sauron, but remained a threat due to a shadow within and terrible capabilities of power. The company was forced to cross many moral lines, work with questionable allies, and fell into disfavor with the justice of Bree who had tolerated them thus far. While the matter of the man of Mordor was resolved, and he was set free, the damage was done. When word reached Halbarad that the company's captain at the time, Ardra Ruthánakhás of Gondor, had concealed a marriage to a known criminal, used questionable tactics, struck another Ranger in anger, and allowed the threatening of a child to go unpunished, she and her husband, the burglar Jaco, were exiled from among The Rangers of the North...

Halbarad did not ignore Ardra's part in better times and took her final request into account: to name Nearna Falathren of Nenuial, also called "Mariness" as Captain. Also, Taurbuil of The Dúnedain was named Lieutenant. The Greencloaks continued their duty until alarming news struck once more: due to some unknown defamation, Halbarad had decided to disband them.

Determined not to see their unit parted, they pleaded with Halbarad to allow them to seek council from their esteemed ally, Lord Elrond of Rivendell, who had granted them Halls of Refuge in Falathlorn for their previous service to Imladris. Elrond remembered their deeds: braving the unyielding dark of Moria... striking against The Red Maid and Ivar the Bloodhand in Garth Agarwen... Delving into the heart of Carn Dum to face Mordirith himself...

Lord Elrond rechristened them as The Rangers of Andunie, a tribute to their Numenorean roots... He sent them forward with this purpose: that they will have no boundaries of region or stewardship. They will strike at the heart of evil where it seems no one else can, crippling the enemy in ways unexpected. They will forego the trappings of their noble roots to do whatever must be done to see Sauron's dominion fall and the King of Gondor return...

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